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About the dataportal.

The Shift Dataportal is an information platform that provides immediate and free access to a wide range of global energy and climate statistics, using enhanced navigation and graphic tools.

It works as a “one-stop-shop”. Nowhere else will users find climate and energy data which covers a wide geographical and historical span, comes from trusted sources, is easy to navigate and visualize, and can be exported for further use!

The Shift Dataportal – Story

We created The Shift Dataportal because while doing projects we always found ourselves looking for the same data but we couldn’t remember the source nor where to search. This is why we decided to centralize those datasets into a single database. The Shift Dataportal was born.

The Shift Project – About our think tank

We are a Paris-based think tank advocating the shift to a post-carbon economy. As a non-profit organization committed to serving the general interest through scientific objectivity, we are dedicated to informing and influencing the debate on energy transition in Europe.

Usually, by “informing” we mean that we establish working groups in order to produce quantified statements and recommendations on key aspects of the transition, and by “influencing” we mean that we try to make these reports known.

However, through this Dataportal, our “informing” mission takes a more literal shape: we make information available and hope it will “influence” your work in a useful way.


Main contributors:
Project Manager: Zeynep Kahraman-Clause
Data: Paul Boosz
Front-end, Back-end and Design: Ulysse Tallepied

Thanks to:
Design: Thomas Clause
Wording: Jean-Noël Geist
Others: Shifters

Creating & Sharing Information

You can create a customized graphic that meet your needs with the data available on the portal, which can be exported as images, Excel spreadsheets and dynamic graphs – those can in turn be embedded in other websites or blogs. collects only public and therefore free data. The content accessible in the data portal is meant to evolve and become enriched over time. As contributors suggest new data sources and new datasets, The Shift Project team implements their ideas, checking data consistency and quality and eventually making new datasets available for all users. Anyone can become the author of a new dataset and help become a reference data source for energy and climate issues.