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Given today's challenges, we believe that every professional, journalist, student, citizen should have a simple access to critical data about the crisis we face.
A data visualization tool made by The Shift Project, the carbon transition think tank.
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  • Primary Energy Production
  • Primary Energy Consumption
  • Final Energy
  • Electricity
  • Energy Intensity of GDP
  • Gas
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How does it work?

We collected and prepared data from international and reliable sources so you can:


Discover a wide range of energy and climate statistics. Multidimensional data gathered from multiple referenced sources to cover the largest geographical and historical span available.

Customize chart

Compare countries, continents, organizations. Change chart types, energy sources, units or other indicators. Create customized graphics to illustrate or verify an argument.

Export raw data

Export personalized datasets at any point as Excel spreadsheets for further analysis.


Share customized graphics as dynamic graphs and image files– those can in turn be embedded in other websites, blogs and be shared through social media.

What is The Shift Project?

The Shift Project is a French think tank advocating the shift to a post-carbon economy. As a non-profit organization committed to serving the general interest through scientific objectivity, we are dedicated to informing and influencing the debate on energy transition in Europe.

We created The Shift Dataportal because while doing projects we always found ourselves looking for the same data but we couldn’t remember the source nor where to search. This is why we decided to centralize those datasets into a single database. The Shift Dataportal was born.

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